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Counseling Center Information

Transcript information from Ms. Sitko, College & Career Counselor

Class of 2023

Final transcripts will automatically be sent to the colleges you indicated in your graduation survey. Transcripts will be submitted to colleges by June 20, 2023. Please note that colleges can take a long time before they mark your transcript received. 

Your unofficial transcript will be available in your Portfolio section of skyward on June 7. 

 Class of 2024

Unofficial copies of your transcript will be available in the portfolio section of skyward after June 7.

Official transcripts will be available to students after schedule changes are made once we get back to school in the fall (normally around September 11). School counselors will send transcripts to colleges when they are available in the fall.


Summer Courses for Enrichment - by Educere

Abbreviated Course - Courses taken due to failure in the previous year and the student wants to keep on track for the next year.

Summer Enrichment Course - In addition to registration and payment for the Summer Enrichment Course, the following requirements must be understood by parent & student:

  1. Summer Enrichment Course Waiver must be completed & returned to the Student's School Counselor by 5/31/23.
  2. Student must take the Moon Area High School Final on the Aug 10 or Aug 15 at 10 am, no exceptions.
  3. Student must receive an 80% or higher to earn credit for the course
  4. The course will have no effect on the student GPA.

Connect with your Counselor -

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Phone: 412-264-9440
FAX:  412-604-1645

Deanne Hinerman, Counselor  
Ext. 2010

Emily Smith, Counselor
Ext. 2011

Patricia Johnson, Counselor 
Ext. 2012

Julie Sitko, College/Career Counselor
Ext. 2038

Mary Marciniak, Admin Assistant 
Ext. 2009